Download Angry Birds for free on Windows Phone!

If you are Windows Phone user then this news might amuse you and may be you don't want to miss this offer.
Rovio is offering fully unlocked version of Angry Birds on Windows Phone app store for free but just for a limited time ie. before 15th May 2013. So if you haven't have it on your phone visit Windows Phone store and download it on your windows smartphone.As tested on HTC Radar, the game is running smooth without any hitch but if you have an older, unpaid version of Angry Birds installed on your phone then you must have to manually remove it before installing it.
However this is the very early edition of the record breaking Angry Birds series. Other famous Angry Birds edition that are hit among Angry Birds lovers are Seasons, Rio, Space and Star Wars. Except Rio paid version of other editions are available at Windows Phone store till date. Or if you don't want to buy, you may wait for some time, who knows Rovio might have some sort of plans on the list for them too, keep your fingers crossed..LOL :P


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