UberSocial for Mobile

If u Don't have Blackberry, iPhone or Android? There is no worry now u can Access the UberSocial app from your mobile!

Here is way To access UberSocial on S40 Phones , visit m.ubersocial.com on ur Phone Browser then all you need to do is bookmark it, sign in and you're ready to tweet via UberSocial!

For those who doesn't know what is Uber Social?
Uber Social, is the leading independent developer of applications and web-based services that make it easier for users to find, follow and communicate with others on Twitter and other social media platforms.

About the Author
Pawan Kumar Jaiswal is a Tech student, Social Media Freak, a Music Lover with full On Nautanki, but a less Creative person whose favorite quotation is “Google it’. :P
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