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As some of my mates had just Joined Twitter For a shake of contest and they want Followers.
For that they follow the trick of #teamfollowback which is simplest way to gain followers in short time but they aren’t able to follow after some figure.
So, here are the top 3 reasons why your twitter account is not able to follow any other twitter user.

#1  You have hit the 2000 follow limit
I know, you can see others following more than 2000 users and you ask how? Well, twitter has this thing where they allow you to follow up to 2000 users without bothering you. Once you hit the 2000 follow limit they will then stop you from following more users until you get 2000 followers.
Well not to worry if you can’t have 2000 people following you, there’s a solution to this, either unfollow those who do not follow you or unfollow inactive twitter users.

#2  More than 2000 followers but still you're not able to follow more
Once you cross 2000 followers limit, still it will always be that you can follow only 10% of the number of followers you have. Say you have 3000 followers and you are following 2500 people, then all total number of people you can follow is 10% of those 3000 followers (i.e. 300).

#3  1000 follows a day limit.
There are additional rules on twitter, for prohibiting aggressive following behavior, which lets you to follow not more than 1000 users a day. Whatever big be your follower figure, you cannot follow more than 1000 users a day.

Hope now it’s clear to you why, if you have any other trick or tips regarding this issue, then don’t forget to share with us.

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