Add Life to your Facebook Timeline

When Facebook got cracks and holes on its Wall, they launched Timeline. People got a new way to express their feelings, thoughts and moods as the cover on the top of their Timeline. You can share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline, no doubts, it made the access to your past  time posts and activities, easier. 

Now, would you be surprised if we say, you can turn almost everything on your timeline into a movie? Well you don’t need to be surprised, since we are telling you this, and also because you know, we won’t tell you anything wrong.  ;)

Recently a new app has launched, which will add life to your Facebook timeline. This app has been designed and launched by Definition 6 in collaboration with Facebook. It’s a very easy to use application, all you have to do is go to and log in to your facebook account. Now, allow them to access your profile posts and activities and your job is almost done. Then wait for a few seconds and your movie will be ready to see.  Enjoy the video and surprise them by sharing it on your timeline ;)

In case you wish to add/replace any other pic to the movie then you are also able to do so. At the bottom of your movie clip, you have an option to replace your pics. Not only this, you can also change the background music of as per your choice before you share. 

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