Technology in Medical Science

Technology has great impact on our society and hence in medical science. It has been continued since human lived in caves and used stones as tools. Today we can notice many advancement and growth in medical science; people are living longer, developing new ways of doing things, curing fatal diseases that once thought to be an impossible thing. All of these improvements in medical science owe the credit to technology in some way. Technology has increased the life expectancy of people and with technological advancement in medical treatment and surgery, average life expectancy of people is also increasing.

If we talk about the advancement of technology in medical science today robotic surgeries are very popular,where extreme precision and delicacy is necessary. Cloning is also another example of advancement in technology, by which an exact genetic copy of another organism can be created; this is something where two organisms have same DNA molecules. Technology has become an important part of medical science today and it will surely help medical science to improve and grow in future.
Medical technology encompasses a wide range of products which are used to diagnose, monitor or treat the disease. It broadly includes medical devices, pacemakers, orthopedic shoes, spectacles and contact lens, insulin pen, hip prostheses, surgical instruments, bandages, syringes, and more than 5,00,000 other products are available today.
 With the advancement in the medical technology, came new medical procedures which have changed human lifestyles. Such medical techniques include plastic surgery, prenatal screening and human cloning. These have diminished the tolerance of natural human characteristics. Major challenges will occur in medical science in future, research and improvement in the medical technology will help to overcome this. Medical technology has both bright side and dark side, it depends on us how we utilize it. Right utilization of it will definitely lead us to a better life and a bright future.

This article has been submitted by Anil Karki, a IIIrd year medical science student, he is pursuing his B.OPTM from NSHM Academy, Durgapur. If you also want to submit your article, please email us  your article with your details at


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