Optimism in the Dark of a Night

It was a long day at work, and to make it worse, it did not go very pleasant too. This day, of which, I still have the memories afresh in my mind, belongs to that part of the previous year, which usually is one of the most busiest periods at work. Yes, you guess it right. It was the end of the fourth and the last quarter of the financial year 2013-2014. No matter, how much we hate the month of March every year, not only for the fact that we have to spend long hours in office which sometimes even get stretched until midnight, but also that there are no exceptions available for being allowed to come in late to the office the next morning (technically the same morning, sometimes, as you leave the office only after midnight), we still do not have a way out with this serious concern, which is going to be existing like forever; for we know that the following month of the calendar year or the first of the financial year, which we more dearly know as the month of April, is supposed to be bringing in the good times, the times which are known to bring with them the most awaited turn of events, which we dearly know as “appraisals” or “promotions” or “increments”. Nevertheless, I finally managed to wrap up my work for the day and having left only ten minutes to strike midnight, by virtue of completing my corporate slavery for the day, I somehow finally managed to step out of office and proceed to my humble abode. For the fact that it was already too late in the night, I decide to call for a Radio Taxi to go home. The cab arrived and I stepped into it, having my earphones plugged into my ears, playing “Coming Back To Life”. I decided to lay back and give myself some rest, for I had to have myself physically and mentally relaxed for the next day, which, as per my calculations, was going to be equally busy and exhausting. The driver of the cab realized that I was too tired and he went on to drive towards my home as smoothly a she could, without having me disturbed in my sweet little power nap which I stole for myself before finally retiring for the day. We reached the destination and got charged for the services from my pre-paid account, which was indicated by a SMS received from the Radio taxi company. Walking almost half asleep, I found way to my apartment only to crash land on my bed without bothering to change my clothes, and to be woken up with a sharp sound of the door bell tearing apart the silence of the dead night inside my head. With a disturbed sleep and an irritated mood, and being absolutely unwillingly, I walked up to the door, utterly disgusted with the fact and thought of being disturbed at around two o’clock in the morning, only to find the driver of the cab standing at my door, holding my wallet fully loaded of cash to be returned to me, which I mistakenly left in the cab. And before I could say something, the first thing he uttered was an apology to disturb me in my sleep. I had nothing to say, and was completely speechless. Period. Being overwhelmed with this gesture of his, all I could utter was a “Thank You, Brother” in my still pretty much sleepy voice. This incident moved me, and filled me with optimism to go on in life on a positive note.


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