Let's Start A New Life!

In everyone’s life comes a day when one has to step out of his or her’s comfort zone. The reasons differ from people to people. Stepping out of the comfort one could mean anything, like, moving out of house to pursue further studies or a better career opportunity, or may be to travel and see the world, develop one’s own self in one’s own unique manner or for that matter it could be anything else.

For the last twenty-three years of my life, I had always been a Mamma’s Boy. I never did anything which my mother would not approve, she treasured me like the most valuable thing in this universe, and it was the same manner in which I used to treat her. The idea itself, of being away from her, at any given point of time, would give me earth-shaking jitters. But as destiny had it for me, there cam one of this day, about which I always dreaded in my thoughts. It was the day when I had to move out of my comfort zone, and had to step out of my own sweet world of comfort where my mother had everything perfectly setup for me. It was the day of me having to move out of my home, my hometown and a lot far away from the people who meant everything to me, who meant the world to me. And guess what, who decided this for me? None other than my own mother. Though she knew that it is going to be very hard for me to adjust myself into an all together new environment, in a new place, and that all alone, without her, but I knew that she also took this decision with a heavy heart only for my own good. As always, I had to obey her, as I love her from the core of my heart and have always respected her since my existence, and following this, I agreed to what she decided for me, rather what she decided for us.

Though, I was not at all jumping about the turn of events happening in my life, I decided to take this reality of the practical life with a pinch of salt for the betterment of my own life and personality, and it was then when I decided that no matter what I am not going to be sad about leaving from home to pursue my further studies. I rather decided to treat this time as an opportunity to develop myself as a better person and excel in my studies, so that I can make my parents proud, and can see the sparkle in the eyes of my mother. And at that moment, I realized that the decision that I have taken is correct, and though it is a bold step that I have taken and that the road coming forward is not going to be a cakewalk, but one has to face some hardships to #StartAnewLife, the result of which is always sweet and rewarding.


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