When Fenda Audio created #StadiumInMyHome

For a moment, I thought it would be a good idea to wear a helmet while watching the match. Don’t laugh, when the Fenda’s team came over to my place to make me experience the feel of the stadium at my home only. The bombastic sound coming out of the 5.1 channel speaker system I was graciously gifted with from the super cool team of F&D audio, made me feel like that I am actually sitting in Australia with my buddies and watching the epic match of India v/s. Bangladesh live.

The oh-so-awesome speaker system was pretty much impressive, as it was rich in features and amazing in sound quality, and for the price range it falls in, it is certainly some real nice deal.

The whole experience of watching the match live with such super-impressive sound effects surrounding me and whole of my gang going totally gaga over the whole stadium-in-the-home setup just made us had an amazing day. A big-big thank you to the Fenda Audio India team.


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