Android Tablet below Rs. 6000

Today we are sharing 3 budget Android tablets priced below Rs. 6000 which performs pretty well. So let’s take a quick look on them

1. IRA tablet: Manufactured in India by Wishtel in collaboration with IIT Rajasthan, IRA is an Android based tablet that is powered by the VIA Wonder Media WM8650 ARM 800MHz chip, runs on Android 2.2 Froyo (upgradable to 2.3 Gingerbread) and with 7” of resistive touchscreen LCD, IRA offers a decent 800 x 480 pixels of resolution. The tablet also supports Wi-Fi, 3G via dongle, 256MB of RAM capacity and internal memory of 2GB. IRA tablet comes with 2200 mAh battery which can provide battery backup for up to 3 hours and weighs 370 grams. It comes with pre-loaded study material of various study boards like CBSE, IIT and ICSE and also supports different Indian languages.
Price: Rs. 4,000

2. NXG Xtab A10: An Android based tablet developed by NXG Electronics which is powered by Allwinner A10 1.5GHz processor, runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with a 7” capacitive multi-touchscreen LCD, a front facing VGA camera, supports Wi-Fi, 3G via dongle, with 512MB of RAM, internal memory of 4GB/8GB, weighs 360 grams and with 3600 mAh battery it can last for up to 7-8 hours on a single charge, which is pretty excellent for a low cost budget tab. Apps like Adobe flash player, PDF Viewer, Youtube, Notepad, etc. are available pre-loaded.
Price: Xtab A10 4GB for Rs. 5,490
          Xtab A10 8GB for Rs. 6490

3. IRA Thing Tablet:  Another tablet by Wishtel, this too runs on Android 2.2 Froyo OS (upgradable to 2.3 Gingerbread) and has similar features like powered by same WM8650 ARM 800MHz chips, 7” touch screen LCD (what different is this one is capacitive), supports Wi-Fi, 3G dongle, weighs 370 grams. However it comes with 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal memory, 2800 mAh battery and supports Linux OS. It also supports Indian languages and includes various apps like e-book reader, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Price: Rs. 5,500

If you already own one of this tablet, then you may help us sharing your experience with these devices ;)

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