Aakash-II to be released soon

"India made low priced Aakash-II/Ubislate will be released in May" said Kapil Sibal, Human Resources Development Minister. Aakas-II/Ubislate is the successor of Aakash-I (popularly known as Aakash), after receiving feedback  from students of various technical institutes, Indian Government put a halt on the production of Aakash-I, asking Datawind to produce a better version of Aakash but due to several disputes between government authorities and Datawind the product faced very much delay to launch.

Finally, on a press meet Kapil Sibal ensures that they will be surely able to distribute Aakash-II trial version to students studying at Higher Technical Educational Institutes across India and only after receiving their feedback upgraded Aakash tablets will be made available for general public. 

Aakash Ubislate's upgraded feature includes Android 2.3 Gingerbread running on powerful 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor, multitouch 7" capacitive touch screen, 256 MB of RAM, 2 GB of on-board memory, 3200mAH battery, etc. however, the cost of Aakash-II will be kept same as Aakash tablet-I.

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