Aakash 3: faster and better?

A new version of Aakash, "Aakash 3" is being  manufactured. According to the sources, about 50 lakh units of Aakash 3 tablets will be launched by February next year. Rumor has it that the Aakash 3 will support both Linux and Android operating systems with much faster processor and bigger space for data than its predecessor in addition it is also rumored to have a SIM card slot allowing voice calling, hmm...sounds pretty good, eh??
But Mr. Kapil Sibal, sir where are previous version of Aakash tablets which were said to be designed for engineering students? Although being an engineering student till now i never got a chance to touch, feel and work on Aakash tab, may be my good luck. Well guys i was never so pessimist about Aakash you can check my previous post ( Aakash Tablet ) but due to several delays, China made claims, unavailability of tablets have made me think like this.
Guys what do you think, please leave your comments....

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