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Which brand is currently the hottest in the market? How much revenue did Apple earned in 2011? Which tablet is making news in the market? Well, all of you must know all the answers of my above questions but do you know, Which is the best selling computer of all time?

No it’s not from the Apple, neither HP nor Dell, but it’s from Commodore International, a computer manufacturing company which unfortunately have to be made dysfunctional in 1994, due to huge loss and bankruptcy. But Commodore C64 which was released in early 1992 by Commodore International was a hit and made a huge success during 1983–1986. It was very popular home-computer of that time and is known to be the best selling computer of all the time. With sales totaled between 12.5 and 17 million units, it dominated the market for 11 years with share between 30% - 40% and trading of its 2 million units per year, outselling some of the best manufacturers of that time such as IBM PC clones, Apple Inc., and Atari 8-bit family computers.

The Commodore 64 used an 8-bit (MOS Technology 6510 microprocessor) with some other features such as 64 Kb RAM, 2 built-in drives, VIC –II(video graphic chip), SID (sound chip), making it the best home-computers, if compared to other computers available during that period. Commodore played a vital role in the development of the home–personal computer industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Around 10,000 approx. commercial software titles including development tools, office productivity applications, and games were made during its lifetime.

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