Essential Android Apps for every Smart Phones.

Got a new android phone?. Well, then I am glad that you joined the Android community. It's time that you should install some apps on your new Android phone 
Being a fan of iOS and Blackberry, I have always tried to compare Android's and other apps with each other. Today I am going to share myFavourite apps with you which are really must have in your Android Devices.Lets Do It.

Media and video :  

MXplayer : When it comes to Playing any sort of formats we always look forThird party Apps which can play any format video for us on our android devices,I have checked more than 30 Video player apps and Now i can confidently saythat MXplayer is the best Video playing Android App for sure. it can play anyformat like avi, m4v, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, vob, asf, mkv, f4v, tsand so many subtitles formats supported. It's a must have Video Player App

Music and audio :

Google play music : It's true that Music is life, and when it comes to Music PlayerApps on Android, Google Play Music is the best one as it is really easy to useand switch between tracks, Also, it automatically downloads the Lyrics andplays it on screen in real time, I would say nothing can beat Google when itcomes to clean apps. Its beautiful UI app. Go for it Guys. it plays all MusicFormats 

Photography app :

Instagram : Over 150 million users love Instagram!
It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments onyour Android. Customize your photos and videos with one of several gorgeous andcustom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of artyou'll want to share with friends and family.  Linear and RadialTilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field and many more Features! ThisApp is must have for Photo Lovers! Make your Instagram Account Now 

Shopping App :
eBay; Another app that's been out there for a while on Android, theeBay tool has also been updated so much that it's now a credible alternative tothe desktop site. A recent update bought the ability to list items direct fromthe app, while there's a simple PIN system that makes paying for your productsvia PayPal much simpler and less convoluted than it is on the full blown website.

Fitness app :
Runkeeper: More than 25 Million people are using this awesome Fitness App.The RunKeeper app for Android is another popular fitness based app that isgeared towards runners, walkers and hikers. Like the other top running-basedAndroid apps, RunKeeper takes advantage of the powerful GPS features built intoyour Android smartphone. With route tracking, a great history feature and a fewother personalization features, RunKeeper can hold its own against the pack.This app is pretty much impressive! Go for it Now

Social networking apps :  
Facebook for android , Twitter forAndroid , Foursquare and many more...
Facebook is a must have app these days when it comes to Socialnetworking because its the easiest way to keep in touch with our friends andfamily.
Twitter is a great social media platform to share your views andkeep track of world news.

Foursquare is also a great app that you can share your friendsletting them know where are you visiting, By Checking in at a place where everyou go! Its a fun app.

Instant Messaging App:
WHATSAPP is a smartphone messenger available for Android andother smartphones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to messagewith friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receivemessages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. One of the best App i haveever had. Whatsapp is the first app that i download in my phone. Go Get It Now!
Web Browser :
Google Chrome : Browse fast with the Chrome web browser on your Android phoneand tablet. Sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computerto bring it with you anywhere you go. Download anything on the go. Its a veryclean and light weight App that is so smooth. Google is the real winner when itcomes to making clean apps without any glitch. Get this app guys you won'tregret at all.


Password Manager : Today's roundup is brought to you by PassWallet (formerlyPassword Wallet) by HandyApps. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands oflogins required for modern digital living. Sure, you could have the samepasscode for every service, if you enjoy throwing your life into chaos when youlose your phone or get your identity stolen. HandyApps' PassWallet puts allyour passwords behind a single PIN, with 256-bit encryption, floating windowsfor easy copying, cloud sync, a stealth mode, and entries for just about anyinformation you could want. With this app, there's no reason to be anythingless than safe. The app below is a 30-day trial - the full version is aone-time purchase of $4.99.

App lock :

There are a lot of apps on my phone that i don’t like to beopened by other people such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Nowadays, nobody would wanttheir mails/chats to be read by someone else . If you need to restrict appslike these from others then you can use a free app called App lock that enablesyou to lock any app on your android phones with a password . So even you arenot around your phone , nobody can have access to your private data . App lockis surely another must have app for every new Android phone.


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