Tips not to be avoided while using Social Networking Site

Most of the time we presume social networking sites as just an entertaining tool which merely help us to connect with the people, and start to avoid some very important but basic rules that should not be avoided, which later may turns fatal or problematic for us. 
So today, we have shared few vital and unavoidable tips that must be well adopted practically, while using Web 2.0 services.

ü  Most important thing, use a strong password. By a strong password we mean, a password…
·         Whose length is more than that of 8 characters,
·         Which uses symbols and numbers, to make it more complex,
And also keep changing it time to time.

 ü  Know about your privacy and sharing:
·         Review well your privacy settings time-to-time, &
·         Accordingly customize those privacy options.

ü  Never share your password, home address, phone numbers (unless it’s required), and ATM details, especially to a stranger.

ü  Learn and understand how sites/apps can use your information, read the user license agreement carefully.


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