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After much longer wait, Apple has finally launched its 3rd generation iPad named as “The New iPad” aka iPad3/iPad HD. It comes with Retina display (resolution  2048x1536) which is something higher than that we get to experience on a HDTV (1920x1080) and which is better and four times more than iPad 2 (1024x768) had, for razor-sharp text,  richer colors. It has also upgraded its camera pixel to 5 Megapixels, compared to its iPad 2 which comes with 0.7 Megapixels and is capable of recording 1080p video. Other than these upgrades, The New iPad supports 4G connectivity, RAM has also been upgraded to 1GB compared to the 512 MB in iPad2 while other features are kept almost same as seen in its previous version, iPad 2 and will be available with 16 GB ($499), 32 GB ($599), and 64 GB ($699) storage variants. The New iPad is set to release on few countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.  on 16th March 2012 and is supposed to hit Indian market by May or June.

Although in Indian Apple lovers have to wait a longer to experience the features of their own The New iPad, Apple has revised the iPad 2 rates, which is a 17% cut down on the previous rates which will now cost you an iPad 2 (16 GB, Wi-Fi model) Rs. 24,500 which was available at Rs. 29,500 before the rates were revised, which is definitely going to affect on the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab Models, who knows?

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3 Respones to "All about The New iPad"

shekar said...

thanks, after learning about ipad2 from your blog i've recently bought ipad2 for rs. 24,750 and i'm loving it a lot, can you please recommend some good apps for iPad2???

14 March 2012 at 02:29
IeteEngineerzMesh said...

@shekhar: Well first of all, congratulations for owning an iPad 2 :)...yes there are many and i would love to suggest u few free apps available for ipad here we go
#iBooks: great app for your ipad to download and read books, you can also download the latest bestselling books or your favorite classics from its bookstore.

#Dropbox: a popular app by dropbox itself, its a free service that lets you to have your stuffs like your pics, videos, and other documents with you no matter where you are. share your documents through either PC or on dropbox website itself and you can your documnets accessible at your ipad as well.

#Flipboard: another popular app on App store, was once declared as the app of the year in 2010. it helps you to access various social networking sites like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all at a single place.

#Adobe Photoshop Express: great app to edit and share your photos from your ipad. It comes with basic editing features like color adjustments, filters, and other few effects.

hope you will find these apps useful but the list goes on and on, can't share them all here in a single comment. there are many apps which you can find for free on Apple's App Store...enjoy!

15 March 2012 at 09:19
shekar said...

thanks, i will check them.

16 March 2012 at 06:21

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