How to block at Home or Office??

Facebook has become a popular since the time web 2.0 had evolved. No doubt it’s a powerful tool to stay connected with peoples, but its also regarded as a time wasting media. If you are tired scolding your childrens or asking your employees to stay away from Facebook during work, this post will going to be helpful for you.
This is a basic coding line which you have to add to a local file named as “hosts” located in your C drive (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) after which you can block at your home or your office PC.

1. First, open the hosts file using Notepad or wordpad.
2. You will find this line at the end “   localhost”.
3. Now copy the following lines and paste it below “ localhost”.
        #Block Facebook on my PC

4. Save and then close the file, and restart your browser.
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