Get real time traffic updates on your Nokia device.

Nokia has recently added a new feature to its location based services, to provide real-time update service. This update will be available on Symbians and Windows smartphones, for users based on Delhi and Mumbai, which will help the users to get real time traffic flow updates for 24 x 7 x 365 while driving.

This update will offer users detailed information on traffics, allowing them to save time & fuel by planning their travelling route. It enables traffic display, arrival time estimation and dynamic routing.

This feature is powered by Navteq Traffic Pro, a well known and leading global provider of maps, traffic and location based services. This service will cover around 1500 Km of road in these cities. 

Nokia users can enjoy the traffic update service for free of cost, the users will just have to pay for the applicable data charges, charged by their carriers. Nokia has also said that they have further plans to launch the service to other part of the country as well, not sure when but very soon.

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