Android 4.0 ICS alpha release for Nokia N9

Nokia N9 users may soon get an option to replace their MeeGo OS with Android latest 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. NIT Droid, an independent developer forum, after successful test has released its “Alpha release # 1” installation guide of its “Project Mayhem”, to install Android 4.0 ICS OS on Nokia N9.

Though many features are running well on Nokia N9 but since, Nokia N9 is not a device made for Android OS, there are still few things that are not working well with present update and that's needed to be worked on. 

The installation guide is available at NITDroid Forum, however, you should only install this release, if you got knowledge about what you are doing because if you don't, it’s quite possible that you end up damaging your device. 

Hopefully, NIT Droid will fix these bugs soon, most probably in their next update. But till then, we believe NOKIA should consider launching its device under Android tag, good for their business and that's something Nokia fans are waiting for. 

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