1.5k kg gold, 30k kg silver from discarded phones

Can you imagine from a total 100 million discarded mobile phones, 1,500 kg of gold, 1 million kg of copper and 30,000 kg of silver can be extracted? 

This is the story of China where each year around 100 million mobile phones are discarded. Usually a mobile phone consists of various precious materials including 0.01 percent of gold, 20-25 percent of copper and 40-50 percent of recycling plastic. Which is according to a report, it is reported that, the above quantities of precious metals can be extracted with this amount of discarded phones. 

It is estimated that by 2020, the number of discarded mobile phones in China will increase upto seven-times compared with the number in 2007. 

Now you can imagine, what’s the reason behind China’s growing economy :P 

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