How to save Facebook videos?

Hey guys as today we all are very fond of facebook, for most of us it has became a daily routine to update status, to check notification, etc. etc…while doing so many times we come across some interesting videos shared by our friends, which we can’t download directly. So here is a trick to download the video directly to our system without using any video downloading software.

Since we all know, everything we do in our web is cached in cache folder on our computer, so, let's use this never used cached today to save our video file by going through few simple steps that i have mentioned below.

To do this we first need to play the video to it’s full length, which is something like saving the video on our computer’s temporary folder called cache.

There are several browsers and tricks to apply this trick as well but I felt it’s easy to use internet explorer to do this trick.

So now all we need to do is to find Temporary Files/Cache in Internet Explorer

1. So first of all open Internet Explorer browser on your system. Then, go to the video and watch it full.

2. Now go to the Tools tab in menubar of internet explorer, then,
Internet Options > Browsing history Settings > View Files.

3. You will see a large sized video file with long name and unknown type, if you move your mouse cursor over it, it will show you the link something like this: ( 
/*note this 'fb', highlighted with green background, it show that this video has been linked from facebook/

4. Just copy and paste that file at your desktop, and then you are done.

Try to play the video and if the file format doesn't support the media player you have, then use video converters to convert the video to a supported video format.
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