Happy Birthday Sir. Stephen W. Hawking !!

Today it’s the 70th birthday of a great scientist cum fighter of present time, Stephen William Hawking. He was born on 8th January 1942, known for his contribution in research field of Black holes, Theoretical cosmology, Quantum gravity, Hawking radiation. You might be confused why we used here the term “Fighter” for him, because most of us know about his battle with his diseases and if you don't know then it will surprise you after knowing that he is a patient of motor neurone disease.
When Hawking was 21 his doctors said that he would not survive more than two or three years, Hawking gradually lost the use of his arms, legs, and voice and he became almost completely paralysed. The condition more worsen up for him when he got caught by pneumonia during a visit to Geneva in 1985, which in his condition was life-threatening as it further restricted his already limited respiratory capacity. Due to which he had to go under an emergency tracheotomy, and as a result lost what remained of his ability to speak. he is since then using an electronic voice synthesiser to communicate. 

But despite of these all problem that he was facing in his life, he continued his research and practice in various fields of Science and Technology, and today he has reached the age of 70, making the word impossible, possible for himself. It is very rare care to see in medical science and all because of his struggling nature, he is the only patient of motor neurone disease surviving for so long period of time. 
He has set a landmark for others patients, as well as 
for us he is an inspiration, we should learn from his "fight until you die" attitude, he has strengthen the popular proverb WHERE THERE IS WILL, THERE IS A WAY”. IETE Engineerz Mesh salutes his courage and wish him for a healthy life ahead .


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